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2020 N. Grand Ave. Las Vegas, NM 87701

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For your hearing aid consultations, Sandia Hearing Aids Las Vegas, NM stands as the go-to choice. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality care with a caring and dependable approach.

Our team, equipped with advanced skills, uses the latest technology for accurate assessments and personalized solutions designed for each individual's needs.

Picking the right hearing aid is important, and we devote time to listen to our clients, understanding their unique concerns and choices.

With our continuous support and education, we ensure our clients get the best outcomes and make informed choices about their hearing health.

Trust Sandia Hearing Aids Las Vegas, NM for outstanding hearing aid consultations that improve your life's quality.

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Experienced experts providing excellent hearing aid services.

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Advanced technology for superior hearing aid support.

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Count on us for fast and reliable hearing aid assistance at affordable costs.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us for any hearing aid requirements.

Got Questions?


What is a hearing assessment?

A hearing assessment is a thorough check of your hearing ability. It’s done through various tests by a hearing healthcare professional. These tests measure how well you hear, find any hearing loss, and figure out the type and severity of any hearing impairment.

Who needs a hearing assessment?

Anyone who suspects they have hearing difficulties should get a hearing assessment. It’s particularly important if you often find it hard to hear in conversations, can’t understand speech in noisy places, need people to repeat things, or experience ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

How often should I have a hearing assessment?

Adults should have an initial hearing assessment and then regular check-ups as they age or if they notice hearing changes. Typically, getting your hearing tested every 1-3 years is good, but those with existing hearing loss or other risk factors may need more frequent assessments.

What should I expect during a hearing assessment?

In a hearing assessment, expect tests like pure-tone audiometry (measuring hearing sensitivity), speech audiometry (ability to understand speech), and middle ear tests (checking eardrum and middle ear function). Additional specific tests may also be conducted based on your needs.

What are the signs of hearing loss?

Signs include difficulty understanding speech, frequently asking for repetition, needing higher TV or radio volumes, withdrawing from conversations, experiencing tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and trouble hearing in noisy environments.

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